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I am so glad you are here

My name is Dasha and I am a clinical hypnotherapist with additional psychotherapeutic training registered with CNHC and NSTT, in continuous further education as an Integrative Psychotherapist. I am practicing in accordance with the UKCP Professional Code of Ethics.

I appreciate that therapy can be a vulnerable space to enter into and it can be helpful to get to know a bit about the therapist as you are in the process of choosing one that resonates with you and the person you feel comfortable with.


And so, I want to introduce myself to you and tell you a little bit about my approach and how we can work together. I will be very happy to answer any further questions on the process you may have, please reach out to me via the phone or drop me an email.

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Therapy for those experiencing a crisis or depression 

You might be feeling like you're struggling to find meaning and or connection - to yourself, others and to the world at large.  Perhaps you're struggling to build meaningful connected relationships, feeling lonely or trying to find that spark  and a "why" in your career. Asking yourself the question of "is this all there is to life" and not liking the answer you give yourself internally.

All of that might be bringing up anxiety, loneliness, sadness, hopelessness, feelings of loss and a bit of paralysis as to "what do I do".

An existential crisis can involve many different aspects, please get in touch and we can work on you getting unstuck in life and looking forward to the life ahead and the opportunities in it.

Therapy for stress and anxiety 

Stress and anxiety can manifest and wear us down in a wide variety of ways. If you are finding that...

...Your brain is always on and you struggle to relax. And when you do try to relax you get an urge to do all the things that "need to be finished" and / or get uncontrollable cravings for food or other substances


..You struggle to fall asleep with the racing thoughts

.. You struggle to enter into new and unpredictable situations and new social situations, as waves of anxiety flood you at the thought of it

...You struggle to say no to things and people as your brain gets flooded with anxiety at the thought of what might happen if you do. Perhaps you fear being rejected, abandoned, not good enough or not needed

.. You struggle with obsessive thoughts 

...If you struggle with any of those, therapy can bring huge benefits to your quality of life.

Therapy for low self esteem

Low self - esteem can manifest in a wide variety of ways and it can present as...

.. Not going for jobs and not asking for adequate pay for the services you provide

...Entering into and staying in relationships you feel are not good for you but being afraid that you're not good enough for healthy relationships

...Disregarding your passions and desires as unimportant


... Disregarding opportunities you deeply desire as unattainable for you


Low self esteem can present in many ways and if you're struggling, please get in touch and we can work on improving your confidence so you can lead the life you desire, fulfilling your wishes, dreams and goals.  

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get in touch to book a free 15 minute discovery call

Tel. +447391776962


get in touch to book a free 15 minute discovery call

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working with you

I approach working with you in a holistic integrative way, you as an individual are unique with your own unique needs and a worldview and working with you using the tools that suit you is important. I appreciate that therapy can be a very vulnerable space and I work with you in a person centered compassionate and empathic way as I believe that the therapeutic relationship is central to the process of making changes.

I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to therapy using a certain number of techniques in a specific way. You are a unique individual and it is important to build our work around what works best for you. Which is why I trained with the National College of  Hypnosis and Psychotherapy as a clinical hypnotherapist with additional psychotherapeutic training, to be able to integrate various approaches into our sessions - Internal Family Systems (parts work), Transaction Analysis, Gestalt work, Solution Focused Brief therapy (SFBT), CBT, exploration of the connection between mind and body as well as elements of psychoanalysis as opposed to a standardized hypnosis approach. As humans, we are very complex and need careful attunement, so sometimes a hypnosis session may help, sometimes a solution focused session and other times a session using metaphorical art therapy techniques might be of benefit, with or without elements of formal hypnotic trance - and this is why it is very important for me to be able to be flexible in my approach, to find and use the tools you find the most helpful. Please note, I am in further continuous education as a UKCP trainee, studying towards a Hypno-Psychotherapist qualification.

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