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When I stopped making excuses & started following my heart. Elephant Journal

Just as I was rushing home from the office thinking of my dinner options, it occurred to me that I was about to miss yet another class of the dance course I had signed up and paid for.

I thought to myself, “Never mind, it’s a really busy week, lots of projects on my plate, I’ll go next week.” But somewhere deep down I kind of had this pang almost saying, “No, you won’t.” Which I then promptly dismissed as I was boarding the train home and I reassured myself that of course I was going to go to the next one—I had wanted to learn to dance for a

long time and I also paid for the entire thing upfront.

Later that night I came back to this little voice that I had heard earlier. And then it suddenly hit me—I really wasn’t going to go to any of those dancing lessons. That little voice, regardless of how quiet it was, was telling the truth. And that truth—that was my insecurity. And me being busy with lots and lots of projects was not the reason I wasn’t attending. Just as my “extreme business” was not the reason I wasn’t going hiking. Or meeting new people. Or going to Thailand to volunteer for the elephants. Or going on that date.

My insecurities were that reason.

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