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The power of intention or how honest are we really with ourselves? FamilyLifeCEO

After declining my fifth job offer, exhausted from the never ending search process I ran down the usual “motivational” list I resort to every time –

  • I’m doing all I can in the process

  • This one just isn’t the right job for me..

  • And it will work out in the end if I keep pushing just as hard

And just as I was about to make peace with this one I had one of my biggest aha moments (thank you, Oprah – the “aha moment” you so frequently refer to really did hit me like a brick this time J). The culprit was a very short and innocent looking video on YouTube selected almost at random but it had two extremely important words in it – the power of intention. And so it hit me – I’m not getting where I want here not because the jobs aren’t right for me, the pay package is too low, the company isn’t the right fit but because my inner intention is very different to my outer actions.

My guest blog post for a dear friend and a fellow blogger in her fantastic blog "Family Life CEO"