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Feel stuck? Why thinking about it won’t help

Have you ever found yourself pacing around the room frantically searching for a solution to a problem? Perhaps it could be an issue at work or maybe even you trying to figure out why you’re unhappy in your current role and how to find your calling. So you spent countless hours thinking and googling “how to find my perfect career” but to no avail. So then you got tired and decided that there is no solution and you just have to live with it. A decision that surely did not make you feel very happy. So is it true that there is no solution? The good news is – no. It’s just the approach that needs some tweaking.

So why is it that countless hours of thinking about your career likely won’t be very useful in helping you figure out what to do?

Two main reasons here – mindset and energy.

When you are trying to come up with a creative solution or just listen to yourself and hear what makes you feel inspired – approaching it from a mindset of thinking hard and long while you feel stuck will not yield desired results. Do you see why?

When you want to create a vision of a career you love – approaching it with energy of “stuck” and “lost” will create resistance to that. What happens is you have thoughts like

· “I don’t have an answer to this”

· “I don’t know what to do”

· “I don’t know what I want”

· “I feel so frustrated”

And it is virtually impossible to create a “wow” idea that makes your heart sing from a place like this. Impossible. So it’s almost like a vicious circle – you think you’ll feel inspired as soon as you get that idea but at the same time you need to get inspired to get that idea. So what is the solution here?

Shifting your energy. Easier said than done, right? How are we meant to shift that energy if we don’t have the solution? I totally agree. And you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do with your life to get into the state of feeling inspired. You need a few things –

· Know that it’s possible for you to get to that vision of being happy in your career (even if you have no idea what that is at this point). Imagine what that would feel like – being in a career you love. Really inhabit that state. Can you feel the difference in your body, in your brain? You bet there is one – and this is the mindset which will bring you those creative ideas

· Find something that already makes you feel inspired, good and joyful and focus on that – this will get you into the state of receiving guidance and release the tension. Be playful with it, dance/draw/hike/read/etc. – and feel that state.

· Put an intention and release it. Do you want to create a career you love? Wonderful, put an intention to it in your mind and release it. What you’ll notice happening is that while you’re not thinking about how to achieve this – you’ll be busy with your every day life your subconscious mind will be busy at work, noticing all the things around you that can help you. You’ll notice your intuition really get into gear and your mind will begin to spontaneously drive ideas to you when you least expect, you’ll start meeting the right people and find yourself in the right place at the right time.

May you find the most creative solutions to your questions and have fun with while you’re at it, Everyone! The Universe loves it when we have fun 😊.