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Are you saying yes to life or simply unable to stop relentless doing? FamilyLifeCEO

I used to suck at saying no (heck, who am I kidding – I still can’t do it as often as I’d like). And in all truth – I used to think that saying yes in general is a very good thing. So I used to be very proud of myself for my uncanny ability to say yes to everything.  In fact, I used to give myself a little pat on the back after every outstandingly done project, I used to think that dark circles under my eyes were a sign of belonging to a club of movers and shakers and my inability to get a life outside of work was a sign of high meaning and purpose in life. I mean who would argue that doing many things in life is good and perhaps better than doing less, right? Wrong.

I had a rude awakening some years back when my body just suddenly said  – No. With a capital N. And I thought, well this is new… I have plans – get up and work harder! Guess what… that didn’t help one bit. And may I say – thank God for that, and a big thank you to our bodies for having this wonderful built in stop button in the form of the survival instinct which may seem annoying to our neurotically charged selves at the time – but is a complete blessing and a chance to really re-think our “why’s”. Why are we saying yes to so many things and don’t slow down when our bodies ask for it…. Oh the “ why’s” – my favorite question to ask… And it’s a crucial one in understanding the reason behind relentless doing.

A guest blog for a lifestyle blogger and a mentoring buddy "Family Life CEO" on one of the possible reasons behind excessive doing

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